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Originally Posted by andrew520d View Post
For those that are interested there is now a video review of the F31 tourer up on the website.
The reviewer is driving a 330d luxury model and basically says the car is great but a little expensive and the stop start is a bit juddery.
She doesn't mention the performance specifically of the 330d and is more general to the range as a whole overall in the review.
Car looks good in luxury trim however, but think I will stick with M sport.
You will be glad you did, after only one day in this F31 382i Loaner, I do not like the "Gutless" engine you have to rev the nuts off it to get going and the torque is none existent. the seats are uncomfortable also, no side bolster adjustment or lumber. Suspension soft but car is roomy enough though. economy in "Eco pro mode" with light foot 39MPG, in "Comfort mode" with light foot 36MPG.
Roll on my 330D M Sport.
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