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Originally Posted by EnerJi View Post
Ahh, based on your original post I was under the impression you were getting a below invoice price BEFORE the USAA credit. You got a good deal, but as you said it is an achievable deal. It's the folks who claim to be getting a TRUE invoice deal that has me itching to know their secrets.

As an aside, it's probably appropriate for us to properly define our terms, to ensure we are comparing apples-to-apples.

To all folks thinking of posting their deal information:

Please include your price relative to invoice WITHOUT any special incentives or credits. The dealers don't care what special incentives for which you qualify, those are coming out of BMW's pocket, not theirs. The true comparable negotiated price consists of: invoice + $X + dealer fees, where the $X+dealer fees is the portion under negotiation. It should exclude special BMW incentives, sales tax, and state-mandated registration/license fees.

I don't think you can get an invoice deal without incentives unless your dad owns the dealership. I'm pretty sure $500 is doable in highly competitive markets like Orange County California and Los Angeles.

That's why I said I was happy with my $1,500 -$1,500 deal to pay invoice price. The $1,500 USAA credit was just found money to me and I couldn't have gotten invoice I don't think without it.

The other thing is now that the dealer has made a decent profit on me and I've developed a nice relationship with the dealer and the fleet manager, it gives me some "goodwill" with them for things that might come up in the future. The dealer is also 5 minutes from my house and so it's worth it for me to have this relationship now.