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So after a long, long Saturday 13th October 2012, just after midnight, I finally parked my car in our garage at home for the very first time. What a wonderful, surreal, at times 'foggy' (my perspective) day. Time to sleep as tomorrow is another fun day with my F30.
Thank you.

15 hours earlier:

Arrived at Stillwell BMW a little after 0900, dressed in my Estoril Blue T-Shirt or at least a very close match anyway. My wife and I were offered a drink upon arrival. After much debate as to what was suitable for 0915, we settled for water. Wait for Chris, our sales guy. Meanwhile, another Stillwell employee congratulates us on the car. He said it was stunning. Shortly thereafter our guy emerges from wherever he was. We don't waste any time in heading over to the car.

NOTHING, no description, no photos - no matter how well lit - can truly explain the WOW factor of the F30 clad in Estoril Blue paint. I will say that it is a standout from the crowd colour (and car). Even coming up behind a 745iL and an M3, my car later in the day, my car still stood out as so distinctive compared to those 2 flagship models. Just stunning.

So first, a long look at each & every panel of the car. I LOVE the bottom of the exterior mirrors in Piano black, teamed with the EB of the upper 3/4 of the cover. And to think I was considering the CF exterior mirror covers. No more!

Ahhhhh, Bridgestone tyres for my F30. Fantastic. Then I see the wheels. The word stunning is starting to lose its impact here, so let's use OMG for a bit (say it very, very slowly, one letter at a a time) but that's what the 19" M-Sport 403M wheels are. So imposing, matched perfectly with the Bridgestones. (Not thinking about the cost of replacing one of these tyres).

Every part of the car has been so beautifully designed and thought out. After waiting impatiently for 7 months and 4 days (I ordered the car on 9th March), all has been forgiven, making this day all the more exciting. Time for photos - see below. Then time to hop inside for a quick look. I sit in the driver's seat, my wife in the front passenger's and Chris in the back. Just a quick look before popping back to Chris' desk to fill out the paperwork & payment. One key fob has a small ///M keychain attached, the other an SMG keychain. I'm using the ///M one as my main fob.

Time for me to eat, so I chomp on some cut up fruit pieces I prepared before leaving home. They hit the spot as my head was already bouncing off the walls with excitement. I remember to ask about the BMW 360 offer. As I expected, it's for cars bought and delivered between 1st Sep & 31 Oct. Anyway, they will talk to BMW Australia on Monday to see if anything can be done. FF paperwork & balance of payment out of the way.

Time to have the induction lesson about the main features of the dash & iDrive etc. Back to the car we go, engage the ignition. 15kms on the odometer, specifically 15.1kms on the trip meter. That's what my STUNNING (there's that word again. I thought if I capitalised each letter it may improve its meaning today-it does!) 328i F30 M-Sport had on the clock when I first sat in the cockpit and lit up the dash. Ok, fine, to be expected, no worries.

Suddenly, I'm driving out of the dealership and off we go! then I hear tyre screeching - a number of them. No idea where they came from. Heavy traffic - then the cars in front of me move over to let me through. People on the footpath looking at my car, gasping. More tyre screeching. Everyone is letting me go in front of them in my 328i EB M-Sport, literally making way as quickly as possible as I approach them.

"Are you listening to me David?" asked Chris. "Please pay attention. This is important information for you!" Oh, yes, sorry Chris, I was daydreaming there for a bit."

So Chris explains the operational controls to me and I explain a few to him!!! After the lesson, it's time for a few more photos, customary handshakes and congratulatory & drive safe comments before leaving the dealership in my new car. If you have ever been to Stillwell BMW On Williams Rd, you will know how hard it is to turn right out of the dealership. Forget that today, let's go left.

Unfortunately, the other car drivers don't make way for me as I described above (my daydream past of the story) and we all drive in a formal order on the road. Nice morning, good weather.

I LOVE EcoPRO mode, especially along SLOW Malvern Rd. I LOVE comfort mode and I absolutely L O V E Sport mode. I do not have any issue with the 'light' steering feel in EP & C modes. I got used to it very quickly. Quite a lot of familiarity with switches from my E90. Heavy Saturday traffic, no matter which road I chose. Got it up to 70km/h along Dandenong Rd till I fought up with the traffic. LOTS of taxis. Oh yes, Caulfield spring racing carnival today.

Drove home, had more to eat, then sat in the car with my (almost) 22 year old son, Danny who is a super techno wiz. He setup certain parameters which were not previously done at the dealership as I wanted to customise them for me. No need for the manual, he just knows what to do.

I was excited about the DAB+ radio & hk system. We set up my favourite stations, make some tone & eq adjustments to the hk & crank up the techno music for a bit. No so hot. Try again with different settings. Again, I'm not feeling it. Disappointed. Keep trying. Maybe I should leave it & come back tomorrow. We notice that the extended BT with my iPhone had not been paired. Remove the current setup and Danny works out how to set both the phone & music together. Seconds later it was complete.

Tested out the music from the phone on my hk. Couple of songs & tests were all good. Move on to the next track - Fleetwood Mac's The Chain. Up the volume before starting the song. O M G. Suddenly the 16 speaker, 600 watt hk system sprung into life, the individual strings on the guitar came across the speakers loud & super crystal clear. "Listen to the wind blow" vocal were magnificent, bass was well defined and felt all over my body. The song boomed out of the speakers with great clarity. SUPERB!

So what's the big deal about stop/start? I think it's fine. I like it. For the most part, anyway.What I find a little disconcerting, just for a moment is the seatbelt tightens up as I drive away each time after I start up the car. Supposedly to take up any slack in belt tension. Something I have to get use to. Extended display is great with 3 little people icons lighting up green or red whether they are wearing seat belts or not. Yep, the reverse camera is very good but I like the lady's voice from my E90's navigation better than the F30's.

Head Up Display. If nothing else is selected, the minimum on screen display is digital speed. The spectacular M steering wheel has a scroll knob, when pressed adds the music display, showing playing station & other stations saved before and after in the list. If the navigation has been activated, it displays guidance info. Still lots to learn about it.

The rest of the day was taken up by showing family & friends my new toy. I have a few friends who really appreciate nice cars and none were disappointed, especially after such a long wait. So many points not covered but I will post my experiences with the car. So after a long, long Saturday 13th October 2012, just after midnight, I finally parked my car in our garage at home for the very first time.

I hope you enjoyed my short story and look forward to sharing many more posts with you.
Enjoy the photos

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