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Originally Posted by Spikey View Post
just did a re-read on that David:
"I LOVE EcoPRO mode, especially along SLOW Malvern Rd"

you love the ecopro mode? I must confess I forgot to try this out on the demo when I tested the F30 (seems a lifetime ago)... but reading the other opinions on the main forum in regards to that eco pro mode and it seems many dislike it. Can you elaborate on your experience with it and why you love it?
Ok, so it's probably more me being cautious on day 1 than anything. My head was all over the place and yes, damn Melbourne weekend traffic is terribly SLOW.

The car starts off the line fairly gently in EP, even when you press down on the accelerator (until the kick switch). Not sure just yet, but maybe it starts in a higher gear than Comfort & Sport. It holds the higher gears longer, especially when coasting. This keeps the car moving (gliding) as opposed to changing down gears & using engine braking. This, in turn uses less fuel. I have been monitoring the instantaneous fuel consumption in the dash display.

By comparison, if I use Sport mode, the car moves to lower gears, causing engine braking & if I want to reach my destination a few meters ahead, I have to apply the accelerator to get there of course.
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