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Originally Posted by Jackson743 View Post
Very nice. I'm probably going buy these wheels from **********s, too.

It looks mean from the back view.

I see you have a 245's up front and 275's for the rears. That's a little wider than I seen from the others that bought these tires.

What kind of suspension do you have? Do you have the Sport line where the car is lowered 10mm? There appears to be a pretty good gap in the last picture. But, really hard to tell with a black car.

Thanks for posting. It helps me decide what to do with my car when it arrives.
I bought the tires from another member on this forum, so I couldn't really pick what size I wanted. I would probably go with 265's at the back if I were to buy it new but I am absolutely happy with my set up.

I have the base line. I am considering a drop but am concerned with rubbing. There is a definite gap but it doesn't look bad in person.

The car looks stout from the back. Not overly wide like I have seen some cars, but it definitely does NOT look factory. Not in a bad way, but yeah.