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Originally Posted by GR8DAY View Post
Hi all, which Zaino product should I use for:
1. Washing the car
2. Making the car glossy (Z2?)

Do I need to claybar it prior to applying Zaino?

Thanks in advance.
You should claybar prior to applying any wax. It is just good hygiene.

Use the zaino car wash product. It is excellent

In terms of glossy, zaino is meant to be layered. Each additional layer adds gloss. What you should do for your first application is wash, claybar, z-aio and then z-cs. Repeat the z-cs as often as you want. Each time you add z-cs the car will get more glossy.

Note that with all zaino products it is critical to use a tiny amount. The layer should be so thin as to be almost invisible. Use too much and it won't dry right.