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Originally Posted by Daveyc View Post
It sounds lovely and you can tell it's fast by the way it whips through the gears - and you were chaining up at 5k? That's going to be a quick car when it's run in and you have all the revs to play with ..... :-)

Lucky man ...
Cheers mate...
Yeap changing up between 4.5k-5k, as yup running it in

Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Well I test drove this M135i yesterday, no pussy RPM's 8K+
It is fast in sport mode but bumpy and hard and unsettled in sport suspension setting (just my opinion) around poor A/B roads. Pocket rocket would be my verdict.
One thing I did notice was it was slow to down change on the paddles, not sure if it was just the box in this car still working out driving style.
I managed to squeal tyres on full bore even in 3rd gear
At these RPM's economy was 7MPG
Cruising I saw 27.5MPG which for this car with no miles on it was good. The exhaust note once up the rev range was addictive, lovely sound.
I liked it.
A licence losser if you are not careful.
PS) brakes were the upgrade M Sport, same as I have ordered for the 330D MS, these were very good, nice firm peddle and great feel. Gave a lot of confidence.
I havent notived any delay on the downchange, but what i will say is, some of the ratio's are very close together, so takes quite a few down-changes from M8 to make a difference! Its doesn't seem to blip the throttle which is a shame

Surprised that you found it a bit unsettled, was that when you were pressing on? I think its totally planted in Sport with Adaptive suspension, and better than my old M-Sport i would say (just a bit fidgety at low speed). The wheel base is only slightly shorter than the F30 as well.

Glad you liked it overall though, and yes that note is very addictive

Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Shweeeet. Tis veh niiiice*

*for a girl's car

btw guys - do you know if the Adaptive suspension stops roll through corners? (in comfort the ride is so so good, yes it doesn't roll half as much as it should)
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