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Originally Posted by fshubert View Post
Have not had this problem. I've heard that chamfering the pads (some come this way) stops the squeek.
This is the common solution because it keeps you out of the service department for a little while. Basically they are taking a pad that has square edges and knocking down the front edge so it sits more like this instead of straight cut but they wear back to straight anyway. This can be done by you at home fairly easily, the brake pads come off of this car fairly easily.

Brakes (and tires actually) squeal from tiny movement as long as it isn't the wear "sensor" material down low although performance brakes usually don't have this because we have real sensors (do yourself a favor and replace the pads before you wear into the sensors because you don't need to buy new ones) You have to isolate out vibration which usually means shims. I chased this for almost a year with my GT3 running track pads and every time I drove the car on the street for more than a few miles the pads would squeal until I started putting thin metal shims behind the brakes (in my case they were provided by Porsche for just such an occasion and would only fit those calipers)