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Originally Posted by Darnell522 View Post
His moment is amazing and he has the capability to hit individuals exactly where it affects most resulting in them to fall, even where the taken itself is just a easy jab. The Jackson v Silva would be an excellent battle but it would not shock me if Silva KO's Jackson either.
I think Silva could KO anyone in the LHW division, he only seems to need a small opening and 1 clean shot, then it's all over. I was surprised to see Bonnar fold so quickly but when I saw the replay I could see he executed the strike perfectly. Silva has expressed that he wants his next fight to be GSP and then he has 1 fight left. Would not surprise me if he asks for Jones after that and then retires. That would be an epic ending for a perfect career. Everytime anyone asks him about Jones he has been saying no though.
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