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Originally Posted by Itskoji View Post
I am new to the forum, just ordered an Activehybrid 3 Sport Line, Jet black with HK and the wood interior... My lease worked out to like $20 more than on a slightly more optioned 328i, and with all the extra standards like hid etc it seemed like a pretty clear choice overall. Plus, it just feels stupid fast with all that torque in sport+ mode! It is seriously fun, I had a young sales guy on my test drive who let me really get on it on the freeway. To top it off, I drove it in eco mode on a regular street for about 2 miles as a pure ev with the engine totally off, the rpm's at zero!
I am debating my self, would you mind if you might have info on invoice and what are you paying? How much is your configuration? And selling price, residual for 36 mo, for 10k miles and money factor?
Much appreciate.