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Originally Posted by TreDirtyFive View Post
Please go to the N54 forums and read up on all the firmware updates...with each one they have increased lag and created softer transitions...There was a pretty big uproar over I said, all the magazine test cars and initial roll out vehicles are always tuned with more aggressive throttle etc. ...this changes after the they have been through a decent time cycle to be updated...less pressure on the car means less fixes under warranty for them. This equals money saved over the long run. My example was not just exclusive to buying a product (PPK)...this is just an another example of them running their business in a very transparent fashion for most enthuisiasts. For the most part, the large percentage of typical buyers won't notice a thing.
Never experienced anything like that, I've had a N54/N55 for years that got updates. To me all of this just sounds like conspiracy theories. Of course the cars get smoother the more you develop the software, that is the evolution part.

Well, I'll just enjoy my car and the free updates (and PPK) and the rest of you can stir up conspiracy theories online. No matter what each side says here we won't come to an agreement.

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