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BMW Performance Steering Wheel NOT Compatible with "No-Line" Cars!

Just wanted to make a quick forum post so others don't end up in the same boat I'm in!

The BMW Performance steering wheel below is not 100% compatible with a "no-line" car. Must have Sport Line, Luxury Line, or Modern Line to fit properly. The no-line cars have a slightly different shaped airbag and surrounding steering wheel trim/controls. I was able to fit the airbag and controls but the controls do not sit flush, you are unable to use the carbon 'trim' piece with the wheel and there is a very small (5-8mm?) gap between the bottom of the airbag and the wheel.

I had a feeling this might happen based on the steering wheel shapes in the parts catalog (thanks for the heads up GTMotoring!) but am still disappointed that BMWUSA makes no reference of this in their website - their only criteria is whether it is a Steptronic transmission car or not. Even confirmed the part would be compatible with my car based on VIN through a buddy at the dealership.