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Originally Posted by tz235 View Post
What are the repercussions of not breaking in properly?
The engine? ....Nothing it has already been run flat out on a dyno. As has been mentioned better to run at different engine revs and loads than steady state cruising.

The Brakes? Not bedded in will not give full braking force, but not really a big issue on 'street' pads. Bedding in correctly only takes 5 mins and involves 5-10 slow downs from 60mph-10mph gradually getting harder on the brake application. Don't come to a stop until the brakes have been given the chance to cool.

Tyres? Still have mould release agent when new, so loss of grip for first 20miles, especially in the wet.

Everything else? Nothing specifically requires bedding in just warm everything up as you should normally then drive like normal.