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Originally Posted by tdizzle View Post
That whole, "let's reflash cars that come in for service so the PPK seems worth it" seems a bit shady. ALthough, it does go along with my questioning, the exact gains that would be realized by the PPK. Since BMW has never released a dyno graph of a non PPK 335, and we know it's underrated at 300/300, and now we have a graph of the 'after PPK' saying it's xxx hp and xxxtq, what really are the gains? Is the PPK graph underrated also? If not, it's not much of an increase at all and probably not worth it (unless they start reflashing our cars to detune them).

Unless of course, the gains are truly gains above the underrated engine already... Ahh my head hurts. Can I have 350hp/350tq for $1k and keep my warranty?
This would be lovely, but it wont happen. I doubt its going to be anywhere near 50hp/50tq. IF this was the case Im all over it.

Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
OEM PPK is not even out yet.

What is this all about?


Originally Posted by bananachipz View Post
HHAHAHA.. Some dude just scammed him out of $1000.


Ya, I'll install the PPK for you <slaps hand-drawn //M sticker on engine cover>

Originally Posted by verbs View Post
Dude its'll barely feel it.
Exactly. For $2300 you get a little exhaust difference with the muffler and a tune to bump up your boost by 1psi to net you 20-25 hp. Talk about a lousy hp per dollar ratio. Its nice to keep the warranty and all but its made to rake $ in and keep everyone strung along IMO. They could do so much better for that amount of cash. Not trying to bash it but its just disappoints me.
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