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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Yes I think you have answered your own question. I dont think your 1st service will cost 600 so if it costs 350 then you are 250 up (I've no idea on how much it will cost though). Why do you think you are making a mistake?

As for tyres, you need to buy them when they wear out regardless of whether you have the service package or not.

Edit: just read it again - are you implying you get tyres with the service pack? I didnt think they did a pack like that. I thought the expensive pack covered just brakes as well.

Here we go:,00.html click on "What is covered" no mention about tyres?
Thanks for the replies and sorry I wasn't clearer in my question. Actually, the service deal they offer on a business lease is pretty impressive. All service costs for the full term of the lease, all new tyres (whether worn out, or damaged by getting a screw in the sidewall). You also get full RAC membership thrown in for the duration of the lease.

I'm pretty sure I'll trash at least one set of rear tyres in that time, maybe even two (my 530d is very good at chewing rears if you have too much fun).

Sounds like first service is between 250 & 350, so I make that a clear-cut win for taking the service package, given that even just two rear 19" run-flat tyres are likely to cost me nearly 500 fitted. Also got the peace of mind if I trash two sets of rears or get a rip in a tyre. That's happened to me a couple of times over the years and it's heart-breaking (and wallet breaking) if you're kill a rear tyre when they're part-worn - have to buy two new ones.

OK daft question - think I have my answer ... :-)