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M Performance Exhaust Questions

So, I came to a 335i from a MB SLK 350 and we also have a G37 in the family and I am quite disappointed with the exhaust note on the 335i. I understand that the 335i is a luxury sedan and is probably supposed to be quiet until you are pushing it ... but I enjoy having a bit of engine note in the cabin, especially when listening to music, so that I can shift the transmission without looking at the tachometer. To me how a car sounds is as important as how fast it goes. Also, the aggressive looks on my MSport don't match the engine note. Its like a burly man with the voice of an adolescent teenager.

I guess, an easy option that could rectify this is to get the MPerformance Exhaust. Can someone who has the MPerformance exhaust review it and help answer the following questions.

1) Is is loud enough to get a bit of engine note in the cabin, without being too loud?

2) How does it is alter the sound as compared to the stock exhaust?

3) How much did the part and installation cost?

Thanks in advance.

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