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Originally Posted by webdither View Post
VSS was a pleasant surprise to me as well. Didn't know what to expect because I never drove a car with it. It's nice to put the car in Sport Mode and have nearly the same steering tightness as the E92. It however still doesn't feel as connected. One thing I always raved about the E92 was the 1:1 steering feel and how if you turn the wheel 10 degrees the car turns 10 degrees. On the other hand the "loose" steering is appreciated in parking lots and when in comfort mode coasting.

Yes, it was a huge relief to get Performance tires. I was getting all armored up for an epic battle to the finish at the dealership if it didn't have them!
See I thought the VSS made your car turn quicker despite in which mode you were in. If you were in sport+ and in a parking lot, with VSS the car would turn quicker - 2 clicks in which ever direction equals like 8 clicks in that same direction, .
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