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ordered Active HYBRID 3 with European Delivery

Almost "zero" - I had two options:
- heated front seats ($500)
- streamline wheels (I really like those, and this is a "no cost" option)

I think in many cases manufacturers make their money on options, which I commonly don't use. To me, for example, the quality/appearance/practicality of "regular" leather for the seats is inferior to that of the "bmw leatherette". The "bmw individual trim" is a different story, but it is not available for the 3 series. The "luxury feel" of many "standard" models is quite reasonable. And, in any way, I was buying bmw for its performance. I also use google maps and internet streaming radio through a smartphone (thus no need for navigation and ultra-high quality speakers). For the last one, "standard bmw" unfortunately does not allow streaming radio through usb, which is a shame (my older acura does). I think they want to push customers to go with quite unreasonably expensive options... Grrrr.... Yet, the aux phone jack input gives acceptable audio quality to play internet radios (at least I can live with it).

So yes, you are right. My goal was to get the performance I want for as low as possible total payment within 36 months. But I also understand people who buy options, if they enjoy using them. Similar to you, I really like Active 3! I am quite excited about my trip to Europe and the opportunity to start driving the car in a few months

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