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Need help with offsets

Hello, I need help with offsets..

Tried going to LTMW yesterday to put on Rep. rims, Varrstoen es112 19x11 +25 and 19x9.5+20

Needless to say, they told me from the get go it wouldn't work, but I had placed the order before that with Varrstoen. I am planning on returning them Monday (did not mount tires)

From what everyone told me, if I want to run those size rims, I would need the specs to be:
19x11 +44

I talked to Varrstoen and they said they do not make offsets that high, (highest offsets they go is +35) so it is looking like I will not be running Varrstoen's anymore..

Can someone tell me if the + 44 and + 38 set up would work? I think I read somewhere the F30 has a minimum +36 and up?

Another Question, I have old rims from another car, but they are different bolt pattern. They are from a 2009 Volvo S80, they are Asanti 19's fronts and backs (I do not know offsets off the top of my head, have to check on that Monday) but the bolt pattern is 5x108 for the volvo and I believe the F30 bolt pattern is 5x120. Do you think there is any way I could get a adapter and possibly be able to use the Volvo rims on the F30? Or is that impossible and not going to work too?

Any info would be appreciated..