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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
I just thought he had "Made this up" as we all know once a car goes into build it takes very little time to complete, must be a "long transfer from germany".
I don't really mind as they have lent me a car. It's just a shame we here in the UK can't track our cars as they do in the States.
PS) was given a chassis number last friday!!!!!, how if the car was not in build?
The transfer from the factory to the port seemed to take ages. Once it got to the port, it was then only a day before it was in the UK and then at the dealership only a couple of days after that. I reckon from getting to the port in Germany, it was only a week before I was able to go over for a sneaky preview

It would be great to have the tracker as they do in the States but I suppose they have to be compensated for the extra few weeks it takes to get them across the pond