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Originally Posted by einlanzer View Post
expensive for sure. I got ceramic on all windows - including the windshield - for $350. The brand used is wincos, but from what I hear it's not that popular (yet)
Manufactured by Lintec (Japanese manufacturer), distributed in North America by Madico, an excellent film brand.

I had Charcool on my E46 and it was great and lasted 5+ years before selling car.

I currently have Llumar extruded film and its fine too. The E9x with its lack of felt in door has caused a few scratches, but otherwise the Llumar film is good. I also have a friend who installs 3M and he swears by it. He says 3M does the adhesive for the majority of other film makers.

Get extruded or ceramic. Metal films will negatively impact your radio reception and standard dyed films change color over time.

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