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Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
The difference between 2PE and 2PP is just the staggered/tyre setup, correct?

I vote you do this, because it's my plan (albeit with the staggered wheels)

2PE, run the tyre tread down through normal use.
Buy aftermarket rims (give the market time to come out with fitments for the F30)
Put winters on the stockers.
Thanks jsedlak for your sage advice. You probably get more snow up there in NJ than we get here in the DC area on average. I'm not sure I'm interested in running winters, esp since my wife stated that it was against her wishes to have to store a spare set in our small garage.

Yes, 2PE is staggered, 2PP is non-staggered. I was actually planning on replacing the stock set as soon as the car arrives (due probably around the beginning of the year). Maybe because of the timing of that arrival, I should plan on ordering ZAS and run those through winter, then put the replacement set on (which will be summers). I guess losing the increased top speed limiter by going with ZAS is not that big a deal...I'll probably never even get close to hitting the lower limit anyway.