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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
The problem that I see with better brakes is that YOU can stop in a hurry, but the guy behind canít so in an emergency situation on a motorway you may not go into the person in front, but the guy behind may well go into you.
My take as well, still a high risk factor while in traffic. Very much the same scenario if you have winter tyres and drive in traffic, you have that constant fear that you are in a better position to control your car, but what of all those around you with summer tyres in snow? In fact you need a higher level of awareness, once you have the edge on other drivers around you.

For me the higher performance parts are more for driving alone, away from other traffic, when you have more control of situations. But in normal driving, standard BMW brakes (in good condition) still out perform the average car around you.

BTW, what's the Performance option brake feeling, when brakes are cold? That is often the snag with a performance setup, you need a bit of heat before brakes are up to optimum feel and performance.