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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
The problem that I see with better brakes is that YOU can stop in a hurry, but the guy behind canít so in an emergency situation on a motorway you may not go into the person in front, but the guy behind may well go into you.
If it's a case of hit the guy in front and then get hit from behind -OR- manage to pull up in time and then get hit from behind... bearing in mind that the guy behind might not even be there or might somehow avoid you, then I'd probably opt for the big brakes

What is a shame is that the M Sport brake upgrade (as opposed to the M Performance brake upgrade) is only offered as an option on the M Sport model. This would seem to be another case of BMW being a bit silly with safety options (OPTIONAL seat belt pre-tensioners anyone?).

As someone who has been hit from behind when stationary by a woman doing 50mph and landed in hospital plus a six year court battle to get compensation... I wish everyone had the best brakes going (and the reactions to match!)
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