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Got it at last!
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Originally Posted by Deyvy View Post
Should see me about in mine in December.

Although I live 650m from work and have a separate company car.

I asked about it before, but didn't ask "where did you get it from."

Where did you get your satin grill cover from?
Hi Deyvy,

It was done by a guy in Manchester, little company called Vis-Tuning, it's a satin wrap. They did my tints too, but didn't do a great job. I wouldn't advise using them.....well actually, you can't now cos the tw@t has closed his website and ditched his mobile number.

After all the promises he made of rectifying the defects, he just packed up. I hope I bump into him one day!

I reckon most places that do wraps would do the chrome on the grill for a few quid. Mine was only 20 or 30.

Hope the days fly by till yours arrives!