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Originally Posted by elistan View Post
Please forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but my car is new to me and 594 posts is a lot to go through... But I recently noticed a behavior that I hadn't heard about or read about in the owners manual. When the power is completely switched off, the illumination of the lamp controls will stay lit for some amount of time. (Maybe under all conditions, but at least at night when it's dark enough to notice.) I assume that this is so you can easily find the lamp controls in the dark in order to turn them on if you need to. The next morning I noticed the illumination was extinguished, I assume in order to preserve battery charge.

Not anything cool that one can DO with the car, but a nice little, helpful feature.
are u talking about once everything is off and u are about to leave the car, u flip the high beam to turn on the follow me home lights that stay on a certain amount of time that u have set to allow u to get to your destination? or is it the lights found under the door handles to show the curb, the light under the door, or the light shining in the gap of the interior door when the doors are closed?

Must be talking about the individual illumination of the seats on the side of the opened door