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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
Totally agree with you M40WST, nice to have a sensible forum debate. Stopping is no different. ...

I am sure winter tyres will be immense, this time for me I decided more on drivetrain because xdrive became available and, despite Highland Pete's seeming insistence, I do not think xdrive will compensate for poor tyres.
I'm not sure how you are reading me, but it seems you may be reading me wrong. I'm only saying what some others have said in this debate, (obviously in my way) and you appear to agree with.

I don't know how you get to your comment highlighted. I'm not insisting on anything, just sharing views and experience, like we all are.

I'm sorry if you read me wrong, there is no intention to down your opinion. My observations about the 'invincible' driver is not based on you at all, but experience and the views of those I hear around me, seen expressed on TV interviews, etc., but do see it on forums as well.

I agree with the salesman bit as well, there is this 'widespead' notion that once you have a 4X4 your driving world is OK for adverse driving conditions, when clearly that in itself is not the case, or factual.

Enjoy your 320i xDrive, will be a superb car, and agree with you it will have advantages over and above the RWD version, off the peg, in some driving situations.


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