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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
I know I am going to sound like an old man but if house builders started building decent sized garages again people might actually invest in winter tyres / snow chains etc as storage might become feasible. I know my friends in America are able to use their garages for car stuff and their cars are lovely and warm on a cold morning.
Sure is a problem to many who may consider having two wheel sets. It is one reason the car companies like BMW are offering the storage service.

Personally I think there are several reasons why winter tyres went off the radar for many drivers.

We have got away with lots of mild winters, even in the south there used to be much more snow and frost years back.

I'm in a village that used to know when the cold would come in, within a few days, with virtually the same snowfall and period of sub zero temperatures through each winter.

Since I've been here we've had severe snow and -20C as early as mid November, to no snow all winter, and mostly temperatures around 10C, so tyres have lost the focus they once had. It is the last three years that have reminded us winter can still bite.

Tyres have moved more to performance summer tyres on more cars, with much bigger sections (even less effective in winter) and many more drivers these days couldn't change a wheel, even if they had wheels to put on. Even our current BMWs don't have wheel changing kit, so we are much more removed from the wheel than ever before.

Really means if we do it ourselves we need space, more kit, preferably a couple of trolley jacks and torque wrench, etc., plus the inclination to do it ourselves.

Never mind the costs involved, even if viewed as an up front cost. So not a priority or practical to many, not even to those who know the benefits of a winter wheel set.