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Yes It is a FREE country, and the best country in the world....for that I am very proud.

you can continue with your insulting tone, we are both in OC and will probably run into each other when we do ( as you will recognize my car) , please say hello and I will pop up the hood...

you see this car has a highly advanced V6 3.0-liter engine rather then your inline6 suggestion...

The reason for this is simple: the V6 is better when it comes to packing it into the car’s body. The two twin-scroll turbos are mounted within the V of the engine. This unique approach reduces the length of the inlet tract compared with a regular turbo-vee setup, helping to sharpen throttle response and minimizing heat buildup after air passes through the intercooler.

I try to be respectful even when it is very difficult to keep up with the rush of insults and laughter based on assumptions and speculations, or rumors...


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