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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Do you guys in the US seriously think the car has 'looks' inside or out?

I look it from an 'across the pond' perspective and I just can't get my head around the front of the car at all. Where is the design? Is there any theme to it at all? To me the interior dash is just plain horrible, I just couldn't live with it, day in day out, however it drives.

Sorry, but I'd just walk by and think some "poor soul" will buy that, and have to live with it.

Each to his own, but the ATS doesn't stir me one little bit.

Your take is not surprising from a European. European cars tend to have simpler more functional style than those in the USA. I looked at an ATS the other day at a dealer and thought it looked fine. It's directly in line with the angular style Cadillac started with the original CTS. It's definitely a tauter design than the more bulbous 3 series. Both look nice to me. I also liked the Caddy interior except they have tried to make it too high tech looking at the expense of functionality. Get rid of the piano black that is everywhere and give me normal gauges and a simpler interface.