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Originally Posted by bmw328jc View Post
i hard wired my V1 - Ran the wires to the cig lighter under the passenger side footwell and ground to a bolt i found under there. Works perfectly.

Note- When you hit the unlock button the radar will turn on because the car gives power to that outlet.
Just as a follow-up to this suggestion, I also "hardwired" my Bel RX-65 from the outlet in the passenger footwell. I actually modified the Bel's cig lighter plug-in adaptor and then ran the wiring around the footwell to the door seal, up the A-pillar, and underneath the headliner (see below for some pics).

I actually chose this solution so that I didn't have to "mod" any of the vehicle wiring (tap into wires, etc.). Works great and it was pretty easy.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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