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This is the cradle I ordered from Amazon for my 4S. The item I received is the media cradle (i.e., plays video) for enhanced USB/BT & Apps equipped cars. It plays videos from my phone, and has the fan. Part# is: 84212218390

Genuine OEM BMW Apply iPhone 4 Media/BMW APPS Version Snap In Adapter

As I mentioned, the ability to play videos isn't really that awesome or useful, other than to impress other people. I can't imagine ever actually sitting in my car and watching a video when I have much better options available (plasma, computer, iPad, etc).
And I think the enhanced interface is of debatable significance. I almost never use Nav, so ability to navigate through artists, albums, playlists like I would on my iPhone is really, really awesome, and much better than standard BMW interface, which is cumbersome in comparison. Plus, you can navigate using the enhanced interface, and then switch back to standard interface once you've dialed in the particular album or artist you want to listen to. This permits the benefits of the improved interface to select music, + the convenience of having split screen when you need it. The music just keeps on playing when I switch interfaces. I then just go back to cradle interface (which I've set to a preset) when its time for different music. Personally, I love the enhanced interface, but also don't really have the need for split screen.