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Originally Posted by Sam_B3 View Post

You have a winning attitude, I do not claim I know Much more about cars that anyone who is passionate about it , I have some information and understanding about my car...

to your point the inline6 engine is also being tested currently with another B3 prototype, Alpina will make the final announcements in March

Regarding the pictures, at this point this thread has been negative and lot of sarcasms ..what's the point on continuing irritating people.I will show it to you in person, since we are both here in OC...and we can chat more.

You know I did take one of your advises and took of the Gills on the side, although it is a performance part to slice air density...I just couldn't really tell the difference...

and the V on the hood is temporary...


Please post a photo of said temporary V6. I'm very curious.
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it just sucks that the one time in my life that I can afford this car
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Im far from jealous... I can afford a much nicer car than a M3.