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Originally Posted by Sam_B3 View Post
Hi Guys...

I am the owner of the car and I work for Alpina , this is a F30 B3 2013 Prototype...

the wraps are preferences so the car can stand out as a marketing may not please everyone, but I personally like it.

The wheels and tires cost me $50 each as temporary wheels while I await my rims not a bad deal would you say

as far as the gills on the side are performance part to break the air density on the side of the car, and no they are not upside down it is design to break the air wave by slicing it and there for create much less resistance...

it's a powerful ride V6 Twin Turbo (sequential) 395 hp with an AFE air intake upgrade (408 Hp) and can definitely keep up with all the great M3's out there...

I just thought I provide this information so we keep the forum friendly...

You sir, are a fraud.

I have contacted ALPINA BURKARD BOVENSIEPEN GMBH + CO. KG directly to request more information on your story.

I have been advised that there are no prototypes in existence in California, nor does Alpina have any employees testing out vehicles in California, much less Irvine.

Furthermore, the pictures of your car have California plates on. If BMW or even Alpina were doing testing, they would have Michigan MFR plates on them, NOT standard California plates. Also, the representative badges and emblems would not be present on the vehicle if it were a prototype.

I would caution you that you should not falsely represent that you are an employee of a corporation and that you are testing a prototype when it is not true.

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