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Originally Posted by Sam_B3 View Post
Ocso...I send you a PM regarding the Engine Picture...

I am going to put this threat at rest...and hope to catch up with a few of you in OC.

This thread got good during the time I was gone apparently. You're now threatening people?

Anyways, dude, relax. Every single person on this thread, every single one, each and all of us, will apologize and believe you once you post a photo of the V6 you claim to have. Just use your iPhone or Blackberry, it doesn't have to be all that detailed. I'm just curious, I mean, c'mon, I didn't even know Alpina offered complete engine swaps. I thought they just did engine tuning while working with what's under the hood from the factory.
Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
it just sucks that the one time in my life that I can afford this car
Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
Im far from jealous... I can afford a much nicer car than a M3.