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Originally Posted by jzcrna View Post
I totally agree. I don't care what the reviews and claims are. Nobody is going to cross-shop BMW and Cadillac. GM was dumb to think that they would convert BMW drivers.

I agree that the only people that will be buying this car are present Cadillac owners or those who are tired of Acura or Infiniti. I think Acura is in real trouble IMHO.
Well I must have aged by 40+ years while I was sleeping one night (since as someone had posted earlier, that only people in their 80's are buying caddy's) and yes I've cross shopped BMW & Cadillac.& yes I currently own BOTH. My first brand new car was a BMW. I had many new BMW's follow that one. I've had a good range of all makes and models of cars and trucks. I drove the first Gen CTS when it came out and passed on it. Everything about it was wrong. Then came the 2nd generation CTS . I drove 3.6 DI and loved it.SOOO much better than the 1st Gen, inside & out.Bought one in late 2009. It wasn't a direct competitor to the 3 series, but it wasn't meant to be.I still have that CTS & it has never been in the shop for any repairs. I just drove all 3 versions of the ATS last week. Obviously I liked the 3.6 , but the 2.5 turbo was a fun car. To me the ONLY thing that let the car down was the transmission. The car is handsome. Everything looks tight. The interior is elegant and has nice feel on the plastics. I will agree that its not quite there ,,,yet as a direct competitor to the 3 series. BUt the car just came out. There will be improvements to come.( hopefully the transmission and the best improvement ,a V). The supension and steering feeling were spot on to me
Anyone who doesn't cross shop these 2 cars is making a mistake. I hate when people already have their mind made up about a car without even driving it. Who cares what a magazine or journalist says,,go drive it for yourself and make up your own mind.If you're that guy or girl that has it in their head that " BMW is the best , so why would I consider something else" I really feel sorry for you . If the BMW is what you've been dreaming of for a long time,,go for it ,you won't be disappointed . But once you get that 1st one out of your system go try something else . There's no saying you can't go back .Ultimately if you can afford to own 2 nice cars from different manufacturers , why not? Sorry for the rant
For those of you wondering, I just turned 40 last week. I bought my first new BMW when I was 24. I bought my first car when I was 14 , a 66 Chevelle. I still have it....I'm far from 80 & I still have a full head of hair without any grey steaks,,yet