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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I don't see ANY reason to treat a leased car any differently than a loan purchased car.
Must be mental thing with some folks.

I never abuse cars on test drives, and I drive rentals and loaners the same way as I drive my cars, with respect to it's mechanicals.
I never understood why people would abuse a car that is not theirs, other than they do it simply because it's not theirs, and they don't have respect for other peoples property.
I don't take advice from that mind set.

Leasing or loan purchase makes NO difference towards actual break in.
For the record, I don't do soft, gentle, or slow break in.
I consider the BMW manual method to be a slow and gentle break in.

The only thing I don't do for at least the first 1000 miles is no standing WFO throttle starts red lining gears through a 1/4 mile run.
My engines see red line well before 1000 miles, but the engine gets there in a controlled steady manner using light to moderate throttle.
I use and hold each gear steadily to red line and then let the throttle off letting engine braking bring the rpm back down to around 1000rpm, then the next gear, so on, until I can't use the higher gears to red as speed would be too high.

The idea is to let normal engine braking and vacuum full set the piston rings so that compression remains good for life with minimal blow by of oil into the combustion chamber or fuel into the oil.

No need for slow and gentle break in, IMO and experience.

This is my 9th BMW and my 7th new one.

The first 500kms I didn't go beyond 4000rpm. After 500kms it already saw 200kmh(125mph) And at 1500kms(1000miles or so) I did my first flatout at 260kmh limited on tacho/160mph...Not for a minute or so, just touching and going back to a steady 130mph LOL.