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Drives: 2015 M3
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Experience so far:

Enjoying driving it in traffic on the way home from the office especially.. I found myself going to the 328 in the morning and jumping in it and bypassing the other cars.

Everything works well.. no issues with the iphone5.. although it took a while to work out that you have to select 'External Devices' to get bluetooth streaming working and not just select 'Bluetooth Audio'.. from there I have been streaming my Tune in app and listening to my favourite European stations like NRJ France and Athens Radio.

Has a decent get up and go but I'm not overly impressed with the engine sound but the exhaust note at WOT is nice (excessive air rushing noise, not so much a growl, per se, but I guess what the [Marios] would have coined the word "jet" from)

Been playing around with the Eco-Pro and I quite enjoy the relaxing attitude to driving especially after a long day in the office..

Build quality is good, this is the first BMW that I have owned that not ex Germany..

Been doing the chicken dance trying to demonstrate the comfort access boot release to mates and family (swiping your foot under the rear bar to open the boot 'hands free') lots of lols and it sometimes does not work...

Has excellent grip.. I dont think the engine will overpower the rear tyres with ease.. compared to say 135i or C63, which is a joke, you just look at the loud pedal and it smokes up

Ride quality is definitely a lot smoother than I expected for M-Sport suspension.. again compared to 123d or 135i.

All in all happy with it.
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