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Weird front PDC problem

Hello guys,

I know this might not be the right section for this thread, but I really had no idea where to post it. Did it here, because the question I will ask is somewhat related to coding.

So, my problem is, when I put it in reverse, sometimes the 2 sensors in the front-middle get stuck at max, as if an obstacle is right next to me, but obviously nothing is there. Sometimes all 4 get stuck (but very rarely), sometimes just the left-middle or the right-middle. Sometimes it goes back to normal in the same reverse maneuver, sometimes it stays like that till I turn it off (and even after turning it back on, so a simple on-off doesn't do the trick). And rarely it works just fine. The rear works flawlessly.

Now, I took it in for warranty, they diagnosed it and the left-middle threw an error code (the right one unluckily for me worked fine for them), so they replaced it. Problem is, I still have the same problem and the bigger problem is this doesn't happen constantly, so there is a chance when I will take it back for warranty the sensors will work properly and they won't throw any codes. They told me "the left-middle threw a code and is measuring max levels all the time, we will replace it" -> "Well, the other one does the same, but not all the time" -> "Well, we can't replace it unless we can see it when we diagnose the car, or if there is a fault code thrown" -> "D'oh ... GENIUS".

Anyone experienced this? Anyone has any ideas of what I could do except take it in for warranty, get a service guy out and just put it in reverse->drive->reverse until it breaks in front of him for proof? Is there any coding I could do to maybe lower their sensitivity? Or maybe a recalibration/reset of some sort? Something I could change myself, or tell them to try/do?

Thanks in advance,