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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
So glad to see such an enthusiastic bunch of Melbourne F30 owners.
Ummmmm, welllll…….definitely count me in as a possible maybe.

You see, this forum works so well because we are all faceless here. Once you meet me, it's downhill from there. See, I know you all think I'm a top bloke, very knowledgeable about, well, everything - and I am both of those and more, but once you see what I look like…. Well, let's just say I think J1n is, ummmm. Actually J1n is a great looking black BMW F30 M-Sport.
ROFL. Why do I get to be referenced as an example.. =.=

Lets do it.. Coffee or food at err someplace with no parking issues.. also where we can take some decent pics.

Weekends I'm usually free just need a couple of days heads up thats all.