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Most insurers will ask you the value of the car, so if you've splashed out on a 36K 330d with all the toys you might put down 48K. However, IMHO that's purely so they can load your premium because when it comes to paying out they look at the book value of the base spec car, then subtract a random amount to make the lowest offer they think they can get away with. When my father-in-law's new fully loaded Merc was stolen, they offered him 12K under the base book value. When challenged they said "that's all you're getting". When they eventually got a solicitor's letter they suddenly apologized and said they'd mixed their figures up. Thieving...
[/Cynical mode]

PS - I've worked for an insurance company in the past... never again. I was actually insured with them through a staff scheme and when a no-fault accident landed me in hospital and wrecked my motor they had no qualms in screwing me over!!
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