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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post
Fictional Truth.

Pretty girl (or boy):
Question: What car do you drive?
Answer: A Cadillac.
Reaction: I see. (Down turned mouth, total lack of interest).
End of conversation. No chance of a bonk.

Pretty girl (or boy):
Question: What car do you drive?
Answer: A BMW.
Reaction: Wow! That's nice. (Interest levels rising, eyes widening, chance of a fumble on the agenda).
Question: Which kind?
Answer: A 3 Series.
Reaction: Wow! How fab is that? (Huge interest, good chance of more than a fumble).
Question: Is it fast?
Answer: Yes, very.
Reaction: I bet it is. (Interest levels now rising really rapidly, widened eyes, nearly in for a bonk).
Question: Do you love it?
Answer: Very much. It's a fabulous car.
Reaction: Wow! You lucky sod. (The deal is nearly done. Bonking is on the agenda. Only a nuclear war can stop it).
Question: What colour is it?
Answer: Estoril Blue II with Coral Red Leather.
Reaction: Wow! It must look really lovely. (Interest levels now sky high, lots of bonking on the agenda, love is in the air).
Question: I'd love to have a ride in it. Can I?
The rest is history .........

A BMW is The Ultimate Driving Machine and then some.

I rest my case.

Here's an idea, some people have such fine attributes that they don't need a fancy badge-whore car to get laid. Generally speaking, those people with such fine attributes and maturity, also enjoy driving a fine car, regardless of the badge on the hood.