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Originally Posted by rjberry View Post
I contacted my insurance company before accepting my policy to clarify what they meant by modification. I was told that anything fitted at the factory was not classed as a modification so they didn't need to know.

I know in the event of a write off after the first year they'll screw me for the lowest possible amount they can give me which is why I took out GAP with the full replacement cover so I have that little bit more reassurance. I just look at it as another option to add onto the list

Options are mostly worthless when it comes to trade in time but that's all part of the depreciation. I intend to enjoy my car with all the options rather than worry about how little I'll get back for it when I come to trade it in. Live for today and enjoy the car while you have it, depreciation isn't worth worrying about
After adding another nearly 7-8k (I don't want to think about the actual figure, ostrich head in sand mode, lol) in options myself, I know what you mean.

You still have to ask yourself, would you walk into Currys and buy a 3k TV knowing that in 3 years you're going to throw it in the bin? I know I wouldn't, yet happy enough to do that with a car options. I think the pyschology of paying the 36k for the car anyway makes the extra seem only a little more.