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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
After adding another nearly 7-8k (I don't want to think about the actual figure, ostrich head in sand mode, lol) in options myself, I know what you mean.

You still have to ask yourself, would you walk into Currys and buy a 3k TV knowing that in 3 years you're going to throw it in the bin? I know I wouldn't, yet happy enough to do that with a car options. I think the pyschology of paying the 36k for the car anyway makes the extra seem only a little more.
The way TV technology seems to be moving I think that may be the case anyway

I'm with you on the ostrich thinking though. I can't say I ever thought about depreciation, all I wanted was a car I could enjoy now with plenty of toys to boot. A new car is not something you buy with a financial hat on. If you did you'd never buy one. The options are just there to make that depreciation journey a bit more comfortable

I think if I'd had to tell my insurance company all the options I'd have been on the phone for ages. Thinking about it though, when metallic paint is an optional extra there would be a lot of cars with potentially invalid insurance if they had to be informed of everything!

Enjoy your car with all the factory fitted options you like is my advice