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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
But we can take the sting out of the depreciation if we either keep the car a longer time, to amortise the costs over more miles, (that is business sense applied to a car as much as we can). Or buy nearly new, where the depreciation curve, particularly with loads of high cost options, makes most financial sense.

My head ruled this time, a 59k motor with less than 6k miles on the clock, loaded with goodies, at over 40% off of list.

That makes the depreciation journey "much more comfortable".

I'm with you Pete apart from the more research I did the more
Gadgets I wanted especially HUD. For an F30 this seems a rare option. My personal feeling is that if you decide to buy new you might has well enjoy the benefit of choosing your spec and depreciation is inevitable. I hope six years on my pain will be softened, no point thinking of changing before that for me.