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Originally Posted by Deyvy View Post
I've always wondered why there are these kind of cars for sale. Almost brand new and very low mileage, makes me suspicious.

What kind of legitimate reasons are there?

Wealthy/rich playboy didn't like it or got bored? Couldn't afford the payments? etc etc.
BMW HQ cars have to be off loaded, if you choose a car which isn't the norm, and harder to shift = bigger discount.

Who buys large petrol cars these days? When mpg and fuel costs is the marker for most buyers. But put your business head on (if you can for buying cars and the fact they are money pits) and they can be as cheap to run than lesser value diesel models. Depreciation is the biggest running expense, and as seen here in this very thread, folks bury their head to that fact. But it is the cost we can save 's on. But the common thinking on fuel costs, typically leaves the 'gems' out there to a limited buying market.

Some of these expensive cars only cost about 2 to 3 pence a mile more a mile to fuel than the diesel version, with a far bigger saving per mile on the depreciation, even across the life of the car, once away from the initial plunge in value, which the prudent buyer doesn't have to pay for.

But there are also good 'nearly new' diesel bargains out there as well, just not quite the same as for the petrol engined models. But you may have to 'time' the buying, to suit what is in the market.