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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
I'm with you Pete apart from the more research I did the more
Gadgets I wanted especially HUD. For an F30 this seems a rare option. My personal feeling is that if you decide to buy new you might has well enjoy the benefit of choosing your spec and depreciation is inevitable. I hope six years on my pain will be softened, no point thinking of changing before that for me.
"Options", that is the issue, particularly with a new model like the F30/1. It is a key reason why I looked again at the 5-series, as I know, like yourself, that it will be hard to find decent specced 'nearly new' F30/1 for some time. I even believe with the lines and all the options, it will now be even harder to find a car to suit our personal 'used car' wish list.

Keeping a car for decent number of years, is the only way to really buy a new car, and not suffer depreciation too badly, and get more value out of the car itself.