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Originally Posted by bimmerswede View Post
Thanks! The color is nice, would love to have your individual interior though!

I tried apps with cable earlier today, and here are the steps I followed:

1. Get in the car

2. Yell ACHTUNG loudly for 3-5 seconds (this is optional)

3. Plug in the USB cable from the armrest to the iPhone 5

3. Start the BMW Connected App in the iPhone

4. Go to ConnectedDrive from the iDrive main menu

5. A category "Apps" should show up

If it doesn't work, turn off and on the iphone and car and try again.
I think this may have worked. I think I had been starting the ignition first and then plugging the phone in whereas by following this and plugging the phone in before starting the ignition it has done the trick. Thanks

Although, I think step 2 is probably the real reason why it's suddenly started working really!

Originally Posted by bimmerswede View Post
I don't use the apps much since most features works with BT and without cable, but hopefully the Connected app will be continuously developed and more useful as time goes.
I don't use the apps much as the BT connection does seem to do everything for you and I'm too forgetful when it comes to plugging it all up. I normally just get in and go. I can see there is a great deal of potential in there though.