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Knocking noise from steering/absorber.

Hey guys, this is one of my first posts.. I am a very happy new owner (4 weeks) of a new F30 320d Sportline and absolutely in-love with it. Traded up from a 10 month old G6E.

I have a couple of niggling issues, and one that has just become pronounced and annoying.

First issue, is that whenever I turn left while braking, i.e. around corners, a strong squealing comes from the left hand brakes. Only when I turn left on particular corners and not under normal braking at traffic lights etc. It start at around 600k and now I am just shy of 2,000 and it is still doing it. Not getting worse, but not getting any better either. My G6E did it for the first week when I bought that new, but it disappeared straight away. suggestions?

Secondly and more concerning ... is that driving on any uneven road surface or bumps, I am getting this ever so random knocking noise from the front right suspension/steering (even perhaps the shockies) and its become quite annoying. From what I can tell it only started about a week or two ago and its quite annoying now. I searched the net for anything close to my problem and I found the exact issue I was having on another site.. Not sure if ok, but will paste it below.

"This is in reference to one of the issues stated in the thread started by jan999 in his "poll: compilation of problems of F30 u encountered". I believe many F30 owners irregardless of whether it is a 320D or 328i (not sure about the 320i yet as no one seemed to have one at this juncture) faced this elusive "knocking" sound from the steering/absorber with some experiencing a slight judder at the steering wheel when the car goes over a small hump or pothole or cat-eyes on the road. The feeling/sound is akin to a worn-out lower arm bushing. The problem is that the sound only comes intermittently and only when the car rolls over the hump or pothole at a certain angle, thus resulting it being difficult to pin-point it to the service advisor/technician during test-drive for them to really look into it. This predicament had resulted in this very issue being left unresolved up until now.

I had my car checked for the first time about a month back but the Service Advisor cannot detect the sound so nothing can be done then. However, when I sent my car in this morning to rectify other problems (also one of those usual suspect) I again got my Service Advisor to try to identify the sound and this time he managed to hear it. He checked and said that it is due to some design defect of the Steering Rack and said a few have also complained about similar problem. I told him not a few but a HUGE MAJORITY!!! (hahaha) because I have been in touch with quite a few f30 owners out there who has the same problem (thanks to the forum). He said a rectification note has been sent to BMW and apparently the R&D in Germany is trying to come out with an upgraded Steering Rack but when will it be ready to be shipped out, he doesn't know.

So guys, you just have to hang on there for the time being. But in the meantime, for those of you who have this problem I would appreciate if you could file in an official complaint to your respective dealer and get them to officially escalate the said problem to BMW Malaysia and Germany so that the relevant people in Germany know the extent of the problem and have a sense of urgency to quickly come out with the upgraded parts."

Can anyone else tell me if they have or experienced anything similar? I am about 500ks from my BMW dealership.. so I want to get as much info on the subject before I head back to them..

Thanks Guys. Matt