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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Pete, he is talking about figures for the saloon and they are correct for the saloon. I've just had a quick look...

If you are talking about the tourer then yes, they are 0.31 for both the above engines in the tourer.
Yes I see the difference, and wasn't disputing other models. I had listed the F11 as my example, which figures are from BMW, to illustrate it doesn't appear to be simply a fuel type factor.

So we have different figures, across model combinations, but in the F11 example for 6-cylinder engines (I could have added the 530i) there is no difference. There has to be more to it than just saying it is fuel type.

The reason for me picking the F11, I have the 535i and was wanting to see where the 6-cylinder diesels fit against my car. The fact a 520d is the same drag factor did surprise me, as I initially thought 'petrol' or big engine cooling, but that can't be it.

Still needs some research to have the reasons why some models will be different, but others not.